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About Us

We are a true believers in following passions and putting in the work to make dreams come true.


In September 2015, while competing in the XTERRA Off Road Triathlon National Championship in Utah, our Certified USA Triathlon Race Director, David Schwartz had an epiphany. He realized that an XTERRA Triathlon was missing from one of the largest competitive markets in the United States. In 2017, the dream of bringing an XTERRA to the New York City area which today is known as XTERRA New Jersey.

Since the creation of this initial event, we’ve continuously added to and evolved our race experiences. Beyond the annual XTERRA, our events include the Gravel Grinder Adventure Series, Way Over Yonder Trail Run Series, Wednesday Wonders Sprint Triathlon Series, Mountain Bike races and BeastCross Cyclocross race.

Our races have been shaped by a passion for racing and over a decade of experience competing in local, regional and championship level events including: Off Road Triathlon, Mountain Bike, Gravel Grinder, Road Cycling, Cyclocross, Trail Run and Road Triathlons in the Sprint, Olympic and Half Ironman distances. May you be inspired by our epic events!

David Schwartz Head Adventurer
David Schwartz Head Adventurer