Compilation of Questions People Ask Our Team


Q: What is the race cancelation policy?
A: To ensure the safest event for the participants and all involved, we reserve the right to cancel, delay, or modify the format of the event at anytime. Believe us, there would have to be much a foot – perhaps involving aliens or bigfoot sightings for us to cancel the event. In all seriousness, it would have to be a potentially DANGEROUS situation or one that would damage the park and trail system for the event to be canceled. In the unfortunate situation this is required, there is a no-refund policy in place, as the majority of the costs have already been incurred to host the event and when associated, we do not want to take away any contributions to our charities. We expect you to be disappointed if the event is canceled, as we will be, but we also hope you understand why a no-refund policy is in place.


Q: Are there any refunds or transfers?
A: Sorry, all registrations are final; there are no refunds or transfers to other participants. Within 10 days of the event, you can transfer your paid registration to another future event, for a processing fee of $15. If you are unable to do the event please let us know ASAP so someone else can take your spot.


Q: How many participants will be allowed to register?
A: Championship & Sprint Off Road Triathlons will have total of 300 spots.

Way Over Yonder Trail Runs limited to 100 spots.

Each Wednesday Wonders Sprint Triathlon limited to 100 spots.


Q: Will there be maps posted or pre-rides of the course?

A: Yes. A detailed map is available by clicking on the image on the bottom left of our home page.

Additionally there will be guided pre-rides of the course weeks before the National Championships and tentatively on Friday May 15th, 2020.

Q: Are strollers, joggers, pets, etc allowed on the course?
A: Due to insurance purposes, the safety of all participants, and USAT Rules, we cannot allow strollers, joggers, pets, etc on any of the courses at all.
Wawyanda has ample area for families to relax on the beach by the lake and a great playground for kids to play that is adjacent to the finish area.


Q: Is the event chip-timed?
A: Yes. We use Timing with ankle chips. All athletes will receive 5 splits. Results will be emailed to all participants as well as posted online and on this website after the event.


Q: How many water stations are on the course?
A: There will be (1) aid station at transition as well as (1) on the run course and (2) on the championship bike course.

Sprint course will have (1) aid station at transition and (1) on bike course.

We expect to have Gatorade, Water, Clif Bars and GU Energy Gels available.


Q: Is the event sanctioned by the USAT?
A: Yes, the triathlon is sanctioned by the USAT and will observe all USAT rules. Everyone must have an annual membership ($50 for adult, $10 for youth (under 17)) or purchase a one day USAT license through the online race registration process. See below for more info.


Q: What is a one-day USAT license?
A: A one-day license allows an athlete to compete in a USAT sanctioned race without purchasing an annual membership. The $15 fee provides the (adult) athlete with excess accident insurance for that race only. You can purchase this one day license (or annual) online when you register for the race. Visit for more information.


Q: Are wetsuits allowed?
A: Per USAT rules, wetsuits are allowed when the water temperature is 78 degrees or lower. If it is 78.1-83.9 degrees, wetsuits can be worn but the participant will not be eligible for awards. If the water temperature is 84 degrees or warmer, no one is allowed to wear wetsuits. Historically the water temperature has been 68-72 degrees, so we anticipate this being a wetsuit-legal race. Water temperature will be tested in the days leading up to the race and again on race day. The day before prior races we were swimming in Jammers – so go ahead pick a skin suit, shorty or full wet suit.


Q: Do I have to wear a swim cap?
A: Yes, you are required to wear the colored swim cap issued to you for the race.


Q: Do I have to wear a helmet on the bike course?
A: Hell YES – No Exceptions.


Q: What sort of bike is allowed?
A: For the OFF ROAD triathlons there are Two Words – Mountain Bike!

Dual Suspension is recommended to best flow through the Jersey rock.

Hardtail Plus or Fat Bikes are great at Wawayanda too, but are not a separate division.

For the Wednesday Wonders Triathlons we’ve seen pretty much anything roll – Tri Bike, Road Bike, Mountain Bike & Hybrid – all good.


Q: Will there be a Clydesdale or Athena Division in the triathlon?
A: No, there will just be Age Group divisions.


Q: What time does the transition area OPEN?
A: For OFF ROAD Triathlons, the transition area opens at 7:30 AM.

For Wednesday Wonders Triathlons, we open up at 5:15 PM.

Q: What time does the transition area CLOSE?

A: The transition area closes at 8:45am. Please, make every effort to be out of the transition before 8:45am so we can start the race on time.


Q: Can I pick up my friend’s packet?
A: No. Every participant must pick up their own packet and show ID. The only exception is that a parent can pickup their child’s packet if they have to co-sign the USAT waiver.


Q: What is the minimum age to participate in event?
A: All athletes must be at least 12 years old (by December 31) to participate in the event


Q: Will there be Pizza?

A: Yes our post race buffet of awesome pizza and racer selected snack food will return.